FAQ for Track Rabbit


Q) How do I register for an event?

A) When you’re ready to register for an event, click register on that particular event card. If you are a member of the club, your club must have approved your membership in order for club member fees to apply at registration. If you are a guest or it is a non-member only event, either one or many pricing options will appear at registration. If applicable, choose the appropriate fee that applies to you. Follow through the step-by-step process, which may include:

  • • Filling in appropriate vehicle or driver information
  • • Adding guests and guest-related information
  • • Reviewing and downloading applicable waivers or policies, agreeing to terms and conditions, and confirming you are over the age of eighteen

Once you’ve added all of the appropriate information, you will be required to add your payment information. Track Rabbit uses a secure payment gateway that ensures fast, reliable, and secure transmissions to complete your transactions—for more information on this, see the Transactions section of this page.

Last, depending on the particular organization’s payment method, you will either be asked to "add payment" or "pay with card." If it is the former, you will not be charged until gate check-in the day of the event. If it is the latter, you will be charged upon finalization. In either case, you will receive an email confirming that you have successfully registered and can also view your registrations in your user profile by clicking your name at the top of the screen.

Watch the tutorial on how to register for an event here.

Q) What does the "watch" button do?

A) By watching an event, you will receive notifications such as reminders as the day of the event approaches. This will allow you to keep track of multiple events at once, without committing to registration.

Q) How do I cancel a registration?

A) First of all, we’re sorry you have to cancel! Second, to cancel your registration, head to your user profile by clicking your name at the top of the screen. The default view of the events you registered for shows the next five upcoming events under "Upcoming Events." If the event you want to cancel is within this list, click "Cancel" next to the event name. If the event you have registered for isn’t in the default view, click "See All" directly across from "Upcoming Events" to reveal all of the events you are registered for in the future. Click "Cancel" next to the event in question. All cancellations are subject to the organization’s cancellation fees. You will be reminded of the cancellation fees once you click "Cancel."

Please be aware that if your "Payment Status" for the event is "Paid", you will be issued a credit less the cancellation fee. The credit is only redeemable at the organizer’s future events and will automatically appear in your future registrations. You can view all of your credits under "Purchases/Credits" on your user profile.

Q) How do I save a vehicle?

You can save your vehicles in one of two ways:

  • 1. You can add your vehicles via your user profile (found by clicking your name at the top of the screen) under the Vehicles section
  • 2. You can add your vehicles as you register for an event that allows you to bring your own vehicle on step one of the event registration process

In both cases, you have the option to choose from the pre-populated database of thousands of vehicles, then add unique information such as color, number, nickname, and more. You can also add one or more images to your vehicle by clicking "choose file" under upload image. Images supported are PNG and JPEG. Once you’ve added the information you’d like, click "save vehicle."

Q) How do I edit my vehicles?

A) You can edit (or even delete) your vehicles on your user profile under the vehicle section. Each vehicle has an edit and delete option underneath. The edit button will reveal the same modal as the original vehicle creation form. Once you’ve updated your vehicle information, click "save vehicle" and the updates will be saved.


Q) How do I update my account?

A) Personalize your profile and view your registrations by clicking your name at the top of the screen.

To add your driver info (such as bio, contact info, vehicles, and more), click "edit" in the upper right hand corner of Driver Info box, fill in your information, then click "save."

To create a profile for your car (to be used during registration), go to Vehicle Info and enter your car’s information. Upload a photo, then click "save."

To change your photo, click on the grey square next to your name, then the plus sign underneath "upload image," and choose your favorite image. After you’ve chosen the image you’d like, click "upload." Then "back to profile."

If you’re watching an event, have registered for an event, or have started registration for an event, it will appear to the right of your driver info. You can edit or cancel events you have begun or finalized registration for by clicking the edit or cancel buttons next to the event start date. If you have been charged for an event, or have credits for an organization, they will appear under your "Purchases/Credits" link directly above your events.

Last, you can alter your account settings by clicking the "account setting" link directly above your events. This is where you can set your account privacy to Public, Friends and Club Only, or Private. You can also filter which email and text notifications you want to receive. Once you have completed altering your account settings, click "save".

Watch the tutorial on how to update your account here.


Q) How do I verify my club membership?

A) When you log in to a club’s page for the first time, a message will appear on your screen asking if you are a member of the club page you are on. Click "yes" and your request will be reviewed for approval. If you accidentally clicked "no" or were not yet a member of a club, you can verify your membership by heading to that club’s Track Rabbit page through either an event card, searching for the club, or via the link that your club provided. On the club’s Track Rabbit page, click the red box that says, "Verify My Club Membership."

You’ll know that your membership request went through when the button becomes white. Once your club has approved your membership, you will receive a notification email as well as a message at the bottom of your Track Rabbit screen indicating your membership approval. You can now register for your club’s events and receive the appropriate membership fee for those events.

Q) How do I find my friends and get updates on their activity?

A) Track Rabbit users can enter the name of any site user via the search bar at the top of the page.

  • • Clicking the user’s name allows you to preview their profile, which includes their friends, memberships, bio, and picture.
  • • Clicking "message" will allow you to send the user a message via Track Rabbit.
  • • Clicking "add friend" will send the user a friend request and, if the request is accepted, you will receive updates when that user is watching or registering for events in the future.

You can also find fellow club members, if applicable, by clicking on your club’s Track Rabbit page. See "How do I verify my club membership?" for more info on how to find your club’s Track Rabbit page.


Q) Why do I need track day insurance?

A) Most auto insurers exclude coverage for HPDE and Track Day events. Review your current auto insurance policy or contact your agent to determine if your car is covered on the track. If not, you will need HPDE Insurance. Luckily, Track Rabbit has partnered with a leader in the industry, Lockton Motorsports to meet the insurance needs of enthusiasts like you.

Q) Does Lockton Motorsports offer insurance for event organizers?

A) Yes. Lockton Motorsports offers Event Organizers Insurance and Track Owners Insurance.

Event Organizer Insurance protects against incidents and provides benefits for participants, including Excess Medical and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D).

Track Owners Insurance covers injury to spectators, property damage and legal liability for participants and more.

Q) Why should I purchase track day insurance through Lockton Motorsports?

A) Motorsports can be a pricey hobby. Lockton Motorsports offers insurance to protect your investment. After you have registered for your events through Track Rabbit, protect your car, trailer, equipment and more with coverage from Lockton Motorsports. Lockton Motorsports also offers helpful track resources and an efficient claims process


Q) Where is my payment information stored?

A) Track Rabbit uses a secure payment gateway that ensures fast, reliable, and secure transmissions to complete your transactions. Track Rabbit does not store your payment information.

Q) When does my card get charged?

A) There are two ways your payment processing may work and the method of choice is determined by the event organizer. In the interest of full transparency, here are the steps for each type of payment processing::

Charge at Registration

  1.     1. When you register for an event with Track Rabbit, we authorize (for accuracy) your card and then withdraw payment on the spot.
  2.     2. If you cancel your registration, we will issue you a credit less any cancellation fees—only to be redeemed at that organization’s events.

Charge at Gate Check-in

  1.     1. When you register for an event with Track Rabbit, your card is not charged.
  2.     2. Upon completion of your registration, we "ping" your card to verify that it is genuine and has not expired.
  3.     3. Six days before the event, we will authorize your card and place a hold on the amount for the event.
  4.     4. Once you’ve arrived, checked in, and the event has been closed—the payment is then withdrawn from your account.


Q) I need to report an issue. Where can I do that?

A) You can submit all issue reports by emailing us at support@trackrabbit.com. The Track Rabbit Team is committed to making the best experience for users, clubs, schools, and tracks.


Q) What is Andy Lally ALIVE?

A) The result of a partnership between professional sports car champion Andy Lally; Trellist, one of the most reputable marketing and technology firms in the North East; Gerald Raffa, an entrepreneur and automotive aficionado; and Carlisle Events, the successful producer of 12 annual collector car and truck events. Andy Lally ALIVE exists to bring Innovations, new Ventures, and consumer Experiences to life in industries that Andy Lally believes in.

Read more about ALIVE here.